About Smart Goat

We’re Committed to Making the Web Better

Our passion is creating search-engine friendly, standards-based websites. We want your site to be easy — easy for you to maintain AND easy for your customers to use.

Where We Shine

  • Need more than just a pretty face? As customers become more comfortable with an interactive web, sites that look like brochures are becoming a thing of the past. With our programming background, we can help you develop custom web applications that fill your customers’ needs.
  • Ready to sell your products to the world? When starting an online store, ecommerce is only half the story. Let us help you effectively market your products online.
  • Already have a site? We can update your existing site to fit your current needs — whether you want a complete overhaul, a few added features, or just a fresh look.

Who We Are

We are Billy & Angela Mabray — a 2-person web development team based in Yukon, Oklahoma. We met in college, where we both studied computer programming. After graduation, we got married & started our own business.

Billy Mabray, Technology Evangelist:

Billy Mabray's photo Billy has been developing websites full-time for Smart Goat since 2003. Billy chose the title Technology Evangelist for himself because it’s the perfect description of who he is. He’s always looking for ways to apply technology to solve problems. These days, that means using the latest Web buzzwords — Web 2.0, Ajax, blogs — to help businesses improve their presence on the web. He believes that with some hard work and a little common sense, buzzwords can be turned into business opportunities.

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Angela Mabray, Creative Director:

Angela Mabray's photo Angela has worked in web & software development since 1999. Her technical specialties include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, and Java. She’s a perfectionist, so you can bet your application will be tested thoroughly. An English major, Angela can also help with your web project’s writing, editing, and proofreading needs. Angela chose the title of Creative Director because she believes creativity is the key to solving any problem. Angela joined Smart Goat full-time in early 2007.

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What’s with the Goats?

A lot of people pause when they hear our business name for the first time — and often they’ll ask if there’s a story behind the name. Here’s Angela on the story…

“I loved goats when I was little & always looked forward to visiting my uncle’s goat farm. In college I toyed with the idea of becoming a self-sustaining farmer/rancher specializing in goats, rabbits, and earthworms — but after graduation, I decided to stick with more traditional income-generating methods. But the goat idea stuck, so when it was time to come up with a business name, it seemed important to incorporate goats somehow. (Course, it helps that the domain name wasn’t taken!) Now we’ve got a whole herd of goat websites!”