Shoots & Leaves 1.0.2

Today we released Shoots & Leaves 1.0.2 on the App Store. This release fixed a few bugs, including:

  • Fixed a bug that caused uploads to fail while on slower internet connections or while uploading in the background
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent new message and new email screens from appearing when returning from another app
  • Added notifications for everything that happens in the background
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the user from authorizing their Dropbox account

Be sure to download the update if your device doesn’t do it automatically. Also, since ratings are reset with each release, please take a moment to rate the app. It’s the best way to help other people discover it.

We’re currently working on version 1.1, which includes a number of new features. Hopefully, we’ll have that out to our beta testers in the next week or so, then on the store as quick as we can after that.

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